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Integrative Medicine including Hormone & IV Therapy Information


At EBL, we integrate the guiding principles and therapies of Naturopathic Medicine with advanced testing and unique therapies such as IV & hormone therapy to help our patients achieve their health goals and live their best life. Call us at 905-832-1118 to book an appointment with Dr. Saleem, ND today.

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The EBL approach to utilizing hormone therapy is first to understand your individual health and the factors that may be causing your hormones to be out of balance. We undertake a comprehensive health assessment during your first visit to our clinic, including testing to determine your current hormone levels and nutrient status. Only after evaluating these data do we talk about prescribing BHRT or NDT hormone therapies, often in conjunction with diet and lifestyle counselling.

Our integrative approach to medicine uses a variety of therapies to treat the whole person, as an individual. It recognizes that the systems of our body are integrated, designed to work synchronously. When there is disease, the dysfunction may be more apparent in one area, but imbalances will certainly be found in other systems. Taking into account the health of your whole body along with your mental and emotional health and other contributing factors such as environment and genetics allows us to understand the root cause of the disease.

Whether used as a standalone therapy or as part of our comprehensive restoration program, IV therapy infuses nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream. Because the nutrients bypass digestion, they are absorbed more quickly and optimally into the cells of the body to help our patients feel better, faster.

Still not sure if a naturopath is right for you? We invite you to schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation with Dr. Saleem to understand how we can help with your health concerns. Let's start a conversation that will get you back to optimal health.

Our Naturopathic Doctor and Clinic Director is Dr. Nadia Saleem. She found her passion for working with individuals who wish to improve their health and wellbeing through discovering the root causes of their symptoms and making lifelong changes for great health. Her education began in the biological sciences at York University, but continues every day as she seeks to improve her patients' health.

Upon your first visit with EBL, a one hour consultation, we will explore the symptoms that brought you to contact us, and begin to understand why you experience them, and how they are connected to aspects of your life as well as to the various systems of your body. We will talk about what you can expect your treatment plan to entail, and will take the first steps toward helping you regain control of your health and your life.

Please feel free to book a complimentary "Meet & Greet" visit so that we can be sure we are the right fit for your journey to health through naturopathic medicine. Call our clinic in Vaughan at 905-832-1118, or choose your own appointment online.