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What is IV therapy? 

Intravenous (IV) Therapy infuses vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients directly into the blood stream. Compared to oral supplementation, IV therapy can be superior because it bypassed the digestive system. It ensures optimal absorption of nutrients into the cells quicker and more efficiently.


The EBL Approach


At EBL, IV therapy is used as part of our comprehensive restoration programs, whether it is for Adrenal fatigue, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, or Hormone health. When combined with other therapies including dietary adjustments and nutritional supplementation, IV therapy can help our patients feel better, faster.

However, many of our patients come in for IV therapy as a stand alone therapy as well.



What are the benefits?

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are vital in the proper functioning of every part of our body. Poor digestion, inflammation and stress can cause increased demands for nutrients by our cells.  By directly infusing nutrients into the blood stream, IV therapy can be beneficial for improving fatigue, adrenal function, immune function, athletic recovery, detoxification, headaches, macular degeneration, malnutrition and chronic illness. 



An IV infusion generally takes about 45min to an hour. An initial Naturopathic intake is required prior to the first IV, in which we go through a through health history and discuss which IV blend will be right for you.




E-Liquid Nutrition
A boost for when you’re struggling with getting all your nutrition through diet.

E-Heal Thy Gut 
Help support healing of your gut.

E-Metabolic Fuel 
Increase metabolism and optimize the functioning of the cells of the body.


For the very anxious person, a combination of magnesium with amino acids and B vitamins to help calm your mind and body.

Strengthen a chronically weakened immune system.

B-Non-Drowsy Cold & Flu
Feeling under the weather? Try this blend of high dose vitamin C but other immune boosting nutrients to fight off a cold/flu.


the infamous Myers cocktail.

L-Migraine Buster
High dose magnesium with B vitamins to help decrease the severity and frequency of migraines.

A classic Macular Degeneration formula, can also be used in conjunction with an eye health protocol to help improve vision in general.

A super boosted version of the Myers Formula to help those recovering from Adrenal exhaustion.

L-Fountain of Youth
An infusion of Glutathione with a blend of vitamins and minerals to help keep you young.

L-The Hangover
A blend of liver-friendly vitamins and minerals to help you prevent or recover from those nasty weekend hangovers.

L- Surgical Recovery
Help increase repair and recovery after surgery with a blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.



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