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EBL Naturopathic Clinic: Vaughan Naturopathic Intravenous Therapy



Intravenous therapy can be beneficial for improving symptoms of fatigue, adrenal function, immune function, athletic recovery, detoxification, headaches, macular degeneration, malnutrition and chronic illness by directly infusing nutrients into the blood stream.

EAT, BREATHE, LIVE... well. Our idea of achieving optimal health starts with getting to the root cause of disease and its symptoms. And discovering the root cause begins with functional testing through a variety of means. It means going so much deeper than the standard menu of annual blood tests. We focus on testing the right markers that will lead us to determining where the symptoms originate, in concert with how you live. Only with this information can we customize a treatment plan to bring you back to optimal health.

The body of research continues to prove that mindfulness and meditation, connecting with your inner self, plays a positive role in healing. At EBL, we embrace this aspect of total wellbeing, and incorporate our patients' mental, emotional and spiritual health into the treatment plan for greatest success and long-lasting results.

Please feel free to book a complimentary "Meet & Greet" visit so that we can be sure we are the right fit for your journey to health through naturopathic medicine. Call our clinic in Vaughan at 905-832-1118, or choose your own appointment online.