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Botanical & Homeopathic Medicine

Use of high quality herbs and homeopathic medicines in their therapeutic doses to achieve safe and effective results.



Nutritional COUNSELLING & Supplementation

Optimizing your diet and using vitamins, minerals and other nutrients specific to your health concerns.



& Traditional Chinese Medicine

Based on Ancient Chinese principles, acupuncture can help to bring balance into the various organ systems of body.



(coming soon)

Infrared sauna therapy and hot/cold water therapy to help detoxification, manage pain and speed physical recovery.



Using high dose vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, IV therapy bypasses the digestive system to provide nutrients directly into your blood stream.

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Hormone Therapy

Natural Thyroid Hormone & Bioidentical Estrogen and Progesterone can be safely used to assist in restoring your hormonal function.



optimal health programs

Customized health solutions keeping you on track to reach your best health.



Functional Testing and Assessment

Advanced testing through samples of urine, saliva and blood. Testing can include food sensitivities, assessing hormone status, digestive analysis, and nutrient status.



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